In 1942 The Zayante Valley Volunteer Fire department was formed. In 1957 The Zayante Fire Protection District was established as a special district. The District provides fire and emergency services to the communities of Zayante, Lompico, Olympia and parts of unincorporated Los Gatos. The District serves a population of approximately 5500 people within its 15 square mile boundaries.  The Zayante Fire Protection District is primarily volunteer, however Thanks to measure “O” that was past in 2016 the District now employs two firefighters from 8:00 to 5:00 Monday thru Thursday. The reason behind this was simple. Most volunteers are at their regular jobs during the week, and it became more difficult to find volunteers that were available to respond to calls for service during those times. Currently the district has 23 volunteers, as well as a paid Fire Chief, Fire Captain, and Fire Engineer.


To protect life, the environment and property from the risks and consequences of fire, medical, rescue, hazardous material and natural disaster incidents.